The weather was terrible last week.  It made it tough to get fresh air and exercise.  We had to find pockets of opportunity to get out and alternative ways to get active.

Instead of writing a ‘column’ about something, I decided this week to find a different way to be creative.  How about a bit of flash?  Flash fiction that is.  A very particular sub-genre fiction niche that I’m going to dip my pen into.  I haven’t honed my craft yet, but have a read and see what your think about it making you think.

Video Age

“Oh no!  You killed me again!” I cried.  “You found another hiding place!” 

“Sorry about that,” Al replied. “I wanted to try out the teleport sword and it took me right to you.”

“Mm, show me,” I said.  He had played this game a lot longer than I had.  He was really good at it; made me quite jealous and it was hard for me to keep up in some sections.  But I really, really wanted to make it to the next level to try and get the five jewels, so I’d take any help I could get.  Even if it was from my virtual arch enemy!

Al showed me how to get past the ghost to get the teleport sword.  Thought I wouldn’t have made it at first because my fingers were a bit slow on the repetitive presses.  I jumped through the black hole, got the green jewel and I was off onto the next level!  More baddies here I come!

We played a bit more.  A dark shadow passed the open window, momentarily blocking the sunlight.

“Oh no, Mum’s back,” Al said.

Damn, I thought.  She’s early.  Well, she’ll have to let us finish.  We’re so close to completing this new level we’re on.  I’ll try and sweet talk her.  She never says no to me these days.

Before we heard the key in the door, voices came floating in through the window.  I could just make them out.  She’d been caught by that busy body over the road.  A right pain in the backside if you ask me.  Never leaves us alone.

Mum was being polite.  Yes, I heard.  We’re all fine, thanks.  Glad to be coming out of lockdown a bit.  Yes, looking forward to Christmas.


“Look out, the zombie is behind you!” Al shouted.

Ahh!  I could’ve been slaughtered. Luckily, the teleporting sword acts as a proper weapon, too.  Take that you stupid zombie!

Unfortunately for Mum, she hadn’t escaped.  Yes, I heard her say, Al’s fine.  Playing the latest Nintendo game he bought with his pocket money.

I faintly heard ‘how are the others’ as the far away voice continued. 

Oh, fine, too thanks, came the reply.  Yes, we’ve made a bubble here and my sister has made a bubble with the grandparents.

My bubble, she repeated. You mean with the 85-year old big kid?  Yes, great-grandad is also addicted to Nintendo gaming and he wants the same game as Al.

Addicted?  The cheek of it, Al thought.  I do eat, sleep, and take a walk for a bit every single day as well.