Experiment week. That was my week this week. Figuring out what routine was going to work best going forward. I’m sure some people hit the ground running when this chaos descended, but I suspect the majority of us went into the ‘Oh, cr**, need to figure this all out’ mode. I found the flour, by the way. Made butterfly cakes complete with bunny ears, so I guess they were Easter spring cakes; made us smile anyway to keep the spritis up – and the energy levels! So, my week went like this.


Best laid plans and all that went out the window. I forgot the car had its MOT. Since we wouldn’t encounter very many people and lockdown hadn’t officially happened, we juggled things around and got it done. My hubby came home that night and said he’d be working from home going forward – yay, we’re all safe in the house, not so yay that I’ll have to give up my home office. Needs must. Car passed its MOT, so all ready and no where to drive now.


It was all fun and games until Mama almost flattened the budgie. Suffice to say our feathered pet was the most enthusiastic to join Joe Wicks at that time in the morning. Mid star jump he almost lost his tail feathers to a size five that was descending rather quickly back to the ground where he was playing with his toys. The budgie made it known he was not a happy camper each time we passed him for the rest of the day. We’re only on day two of week one and I’m already in trouble.


Epiphany day. Doing some school sheets really gave me an insight in how to motivate my child to learn. Imagination is now my secret weapon that I’ll yield high like a sword as I sweep it around every day in triumph, secretly hoping that it’s not a fluke, only to discover it’s made of paper when it rapidly gets wrinkled, torn, ragged and rough after its first use.


Two and a half hours. That’s how long it took me to do a food shop that would last a week. On a normal shopping day, I would’ve been a frazzled wreck taking that much time, but I was surprisingly very blaisé about it. Things are what they are and it’s heartening to know that the shops are taking their role in this cornavirus situation very seriously. The rest of the day was unpredicatable as well because we ended having a water flight in the garden before tea. Who knew it would be warm enough for that?! And I still had enough energy to do my online seminars for work in the evening.


I may have cracked it. The budgie went into lockdown whilst Joe Wicks was on. Learning stuff got done in the morning. Creative and free play came in the afternoon. And the glass bottle of wine came at the end of the day to mark survival of the week. A pretty good day, really.

Roll on next week. Maybe we’ll try a few new skills. Sign language has been mentioned. I would’ve tried guitar lessons, but I’ll have to sort out the broken string first. Just as well the budgie was still in lockdown when the string pinged off! Stay safe, everyone.

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