Initial enquiry

Please contact me by telephone, email or filling out my enquiry form.  I always try to respond within 24 hours.  At our initial contact, tell me as much detail about your job as possible, such as project length, deadline, and if it is editing on screen or on paper. I would request that, if possible, you send me an example of the work, so I can get a feel for the job.


Setting the terms of contract

If we mutually agree that I can be of service to you, then we can work out the finer details including T&Cs, fees and any other specific requirements.  No two jobs are alike, so each piece of work I do needs to have individual attention.  This ensures you are rewarded with the satisfaction of a job well organised, executed and complete at the end.


How I edit

I edit on screen or on paper.  On screen, I use Microsoft Word and utilise their tracking changes facility.  This means I can send you the ‘tracked’ document and the finished document that you can then use going forward.  I also edit using Adobe Reader.  This is very useful for proofreading, as the editing can be done with just highlights and sticky notes.  On paper, I use the industry standard BSI marks for copy preparation and proof correction.  Depending on the editing, I can prepare a separate documents for queries, and can produce a bespoke style guide if there is not one to follow.



If the project is extensive, I will regularly communicate with you, as I believe it is important to let you know how the editing process is going, and it also means queries can be solved as we go along – unless of course we have agreed otherwise.


Return of the project

On returning your work, my term is payment within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed.  I will also return any reference material, documents, house styles, password documents (if given for web editing), etc,  Safety of any information you give me is paramount – I cover this in more detail in my privacy section.

It is always useful for the lone editor to know that the job has been well done and to the satisfaction of their client.  Any feedback/ testimonials you could provide would be most gratefully received!