Well, suffice to say I’ve missed a few things.  For starters, I didn’t post an offering last week.  You’d think with it being the last week of the school term, winding down would be a given.  Not for me, on Monday the week revved up like a racing car on its first drag race. Home learning wound down, yes, but everything else had the smell of burning rubber surrounding it.  In a swirl of dust, my ‘to do’ list got longer and my sleeping hours got shorter.

Another thing I also missed was the part where the child inexplicably grows without noticing.  Did this happen in lockdown to all parents?  All of a sudden I was faced with one pair of shoes fitting my child.  I then realised that the cat had died with the leggings at half mast on the legs.  It was definitely time to look in the wardrobe to see how bare that was.

It was close call.  Under protest, we had a ‘fashion show’.  The worst thing was, no school outfit fitted her anymore, either!  She tried on everything.  So unless I got my act together, my child would be starting the term in September wearing a pair of tights, black knee length boots, a blouse and a tie.  Lucky we wouldn’t be in the dead of winter yet, eh?!

By the end of the week, I practically ran to the sofa, almost spilling my glass of wine.  I couldn’t wait to finally wind down.  It was a strange end to the school term.  I almost felt like lockdown was over because home learning had finished (at least for the summer – watch this space!) – I associated them together.  But then, many things are still current to dispute that lockdown is over, and rightly so.

I had witnessed a few more people wearing masks and gloves again when I was out and about, different to the lull in usage I’d seen a few weeks beforehand.  Local lockdowns are currently on the cards. A ‘new normal’ is creeping in with social distancing being established in many places outside the home, which will last indefinitely from what I’ve read.  Not sure everything will be back to the ‘old normal’ by Christmas, Boris, but I applaud the optimism.

I’d love to know, though, the difference between ‘two metres’ and ‘one plus metres’.  100cm or less, yes, so does that mean we all take our rulers with us to make sure we’re following the rules?  I would imagine that one metre would be nearly the normal for most people when they meet anyway, unless you’re secretly wishing to test for halitosis or have no concept of personal space.  Does the one plus metre rule apply when we meet in our bubbles?  Or has that popped now?  I can’t keep up…

Pass me another glass, I’ll work it all out later. For now, I just need to see if my racing car has won its race.