Week five of lockdown. The ‘new normal’ is beginning to take its toll, as life feels like the usual routine, just in a different setting. The need to hoard toilet roll and pasta has weaned since they are trickling back into the supermarkets, but the race is still on to find flour and to get a delivery slot before you’re down to your last tin of baked beans.

How can I tell that life has shifted from novelty to numb complacency? It’s the little things. For example, most people are courteous and follow the 2 metres social distancing rule when you pass them, except for the occasional cyclist who is either just an idiot (being kind here) or who has steamed up their sunglasses so much that they can’t actually see anything out of their peripheral vision. Most people would say ‘hello’, but now they can’t even muster a smile any more. Too busy focused on getting their exercise done, getting home, finishing work and settling down to their 100th box set on Netflix.

On another occasion out on my run, I passed a man who was stationary with his bicycle, whilst frantically trying to text someone. Maybe he had a flat tyre and was looking for help? A repair puncture kit to be thrown from a car by his friend and god help the bird in the tree if the throw was too high? I ran about 50 metres round the corner when there was a woman, stationary with her bicycle. She was frantically talking on her mobile, something along the lines of ‘What do you mean where am I? What are you texting me for? I’m not that far behind you!’ Obviously a couple out for a lovely, leisurely cycle taking their cabin fever out with them.

Anyway, show me the chocolate! With week five full of great weather, fresh air, home learning and a list of things to do that is getting longer as I type this, all I wanted was a bit of a sugar rush to get me on to the next task – Dairy Milk would do the trick. A bit of a naughty snack on the sly, something usually forbidden in the weekday.

Do you think I could get five minutes peace to eat said bar of chocolate? I share many things, I am not a selfish person, but I do not, under any circumstances, share my Dairy Milk.

I had just opened the cupboard to get it when my other half came downstairs. Damn. Had a chat, boiled the kettle. Once he was safely upstairs, I tried again.

‘Mum! Can you come here? I need to show you something!’

Really? Right now? I had actually got my hands on the chocolate bar this time.

Ok, a lovely crafting session was happening, but in my opinion, it could have waited until the finished product.

Coast was finally clear. I had it out the cupboard and in my hands. My fingers began crinkling the purple, glossy cover . . Whoosh! Flap! Splat! Seriously??

The budgie had obviously decided that this was the moment he would be documented in my blog by coming to rescue me from the ‘minute on the lips, lifetime on the hips’ scenario Neither my blog nor my eating habits seem to be safe from my feathered friend.

I did take a tiny bit of pity on him. Such a long flight for him from the living room to the kitchen that he was panting like an asthmatic smurf.

Back in his cage, I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the Dairy Milk and barricaded myself in the utility room. It was now or never!

I ate it that fast I’m not sure if all the pieces hit my throat before my stomach. Not even sure the taste was worth the wait. The sugar hit was the only thing worth it – for all five minutes that it lasted. The shame was immediate, I vowed to have a healthier snack next time. Save the chocolate for the weekend when I can savour it and know that it will be worth the wait!

A bit of patience and things have the best chance of being the best they can be. Like waiting out Covid-19 during lockdown, really.

Oh, and I’ll also be able to choose my 101th box set of Netflix to watch having my Dairy Milk all to myself!