Since the coronavirus has decided to hijack our lives for a while, I’ve decided to do a bit of hijacking myself – self-hijacking, that is.

Instead of starting a new blog site, I’ve decided to use my business website as a platform to bring you ‘Diary of a Mama Bear’. I’m a self-employed, self-isolating mum with a seven-year-old. Not that I know much about blogging, but what better time to start something new along with home schooling, trying to keep food in the house, and being pestered by a very tame pet budgie 24/7. Why not?

I suppose I’m doing a bit of a retro throwback to the 90s/00s when ‘one stop shopping’ was the buzzword and you could get all your things in one place. Well, you can find a very good copy editor and proofreader here at (a bit of self-marketing, if I may) and also light-hearted stories about survival to give you a reprieve from all the things we need to read and do, to get us through this horrible time.

Apparently, a good blog is 300-500 words. I think I can manage that. Like the BBC’s ‘4-minute bite size’ reads. Speaking of ‘bites’, my twitter account is ‘weebearbits’ and not ‘weebearbites’. Why? Well, I didn’t want any confusion that my account was owned by a dwarf bear living somewhere in Yosemite who packs a mean punch with this teeth. One has to be realistic here. But ‘bits’ work, as it implies ‘short’.

Anyway, have you hoarded anything? I haven’t consciously, but it turns out that I am a hoarder of something. Fizzy pop? Cans of tomatoes? No, no, turns out I was a hoarder of . . . CUCUMBER!

Who knew?! Seven of the green blighters were hiding in my fridge. What was I thinking? That I would identify the coronavirus in my house using my daughter’s special plastic ‘spy’ glasses, and would then beat the bugs into submission with one of my soft, blunt food swords. Then I’d squirt the invader with a bit of ‘flash with beach’ to make sure it was dead, meeting their demise like the common summer fly who stupidly thinks it can take up residency in our house. If only killing the coronavirus was that easy.

Well, I’d best be off back to the home schooling. Might just bake a cake to get the maths and science over with, they’re not my strong points. I was blown away by how much people are pooling together and offering their services to help everyone get through this. I wonder if I’ll actually get through looking what is all on offer by the end of this pandemic! Rather have it that way than the other, though.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me that every key worker we have in this country is doing a tremendous job. We forget that they have to sort their families and organise themselves just like everyone else, so the pressure on them at the moment is way more intense.

I’ll let you know how I get on this week. Will I survive?? Wish me luck. Now, where is the flour . . .