Up, up and away this week. In flew the world of technology and imagination, up went the paper aeroplanes and rockets, and down came the budgie’s feathers as he entered into moulting phase.


Facetime was discovered by my child today. Suffice to say I didn’t see my mobile phone for a couple of hours. Maybe not a bad thing to give me a break from seeing all the devastating statistics flying around. The phone was exhausted by the time it was returned to me, limping into the living room and begging to be put on charge.


Fortunately, I managed to negotiate the level of dress up I had to do today. I had to be a cat, complete with home-made tail and ears-on-a-headband. Admittedly, I did have fun, but I think the two pigeons sitting on the garage roof had the most fun. I’m sure they were laughing uncontrollably as they watched me swing my tail and stroke my ears. Too much head bobbing going on if you ask me.


Online dance classes started today. Sorry, Joe, we’ve chosen pirouettes over spiderweb throws. Crash course on how to set up ‘Zoom’ for me. Not a bad bit of technology, really. And the company are giving businesses effected by the coronavirus the chance to have one-hour meetings instead of 40-minute meetings. Bonus for me, as that’s 20 minutes less time making mud pies. Whilst the spinning and leaping took place, I stooped down to pick up the trailed mud and feathers stuck to the floor.

Championship paper aeroplanes were made tonight. I was secretly impressed that one of the aeroplanes made it onto the roof twice, although rather disappointed that neither throw had managed to knock the pigeons off their superior sitting ground. I’m a patient lady, karma will come.


Shopping day again. Thankfully, I didn’t have to queue, and got nearly everything I needed. I wonder if the shops will have to start selling industrial sized generators if houses start to have a power failure due to all the gadget charging that we have to do?

On a poignant note, I learned today of a few friend’s relatives who have died due to the coronavirus. And I also learned of a friend being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Her stoicism and positive outlook humbled me greatly. Some people are not just fighting to beat the coronavirus. All I worried about this week was if the budgie was going to bald by the end of it. Puts things into perspective, really.


Made it to the end of another week! One of soaring fun heights and of crashing down news. After a bit of home schooling this morning, I was promptly told it was the last day before the Easter holidays so everyone should be ‘winding down and doing fun stuff’. What was the cat, mud pies and aeroplanes all about?! Our evening ended with a blast when the rocket that Daddy and Daughter had been making was ready for its maiden voyage. It took off on five launches, the last of which saw the landing occur in the neighbour’s garden. We had to covertly retrieve it (we did knock, neighbours, and stand two metres away, but no answer so thought it best to try and get it). And on every single launch we still missed those damn pigeons.

So, first week of the Easter holidays coming up. A few eggs may be made and decorated, or even made and thrown into the air in a game of splat the feathers . . .